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Transcendent Man Review

          “Transcendent Man” is a movie about a man named Ray Kurzweil and his thoughts of the singularity. The singularity is when technology will advance so quickly that it will be able to surpass human intelligence. In the singularity, artificial intelligence will be so advanced that robots will have self-awareness, and be able to think for humans and create better ideas faster. In the movie, Ray Kurzweil talks about how in the near future, humans will be able to enhance genetic technologies and create nanobot technologies in order to integrate robots in humans, or humans in robots.

          In my opinion, I do not believe that artificial intelligence will exceed human intelligence any time soon. I do not think the future that Ray Kurzweil visioned is correct, for that it will mechanize the human population and cause many problems and controversies to occur. With genetic engineering technology, people could “modify” their children to be what society thinks is perfect. People can be changed to become stronger, faster; to become the best at any sport or competition with the help of technology. In the video, Ray Kurzweil even talked about being able to live forever; to become immortal.

          If all of what Ray Kurzweil said in the video was true, then what world would we have then? Would humans still be ruling the world, or will robots? Or will an even greater force take over us all? The idea of humans integrating with robots scares me. I’m guessing the economy and politics will definitely increase with the super intelligent robots running the world’s money. But how about the environment? Notice that as the human population and urbanization increases, the biodiversity all around us is decreasing… rapidly.  Also, what will happen to the world other than ours; what will happen to the people in developing countries who cannot afford such “revolutionary” technologies? Would people put a price on a life? In the end, would the rich people be prosperous and be able to live forever while the poor people are left to die? Can people really depend on technology to save the entire world?