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The Sky is Falling?

I’ve read an interesting article today, about faulty towers in Toronto. This is the link:

The article talks about a bunch of flaws in the condos being built in Toronto, including unpainted lobbies, leaky walls, cracking foundations, falling glass windows and much more. Blackouts have been warned due to the extreme electricity usage and the condos’ current electrical grid not being strong enough to handle it. It also explains things about the building documents and how they have become further generalized to prevent/reduce the chances for developers from being sued (when I say “generalized,” I mean something like taking out the numbers from a cook book). As a result, cheaper materials, including incandescent light bulbs and low efficiency boilers, can be purchased for use in the condominiums, and insulation/noise transmission may possibly be a job not-so-well-done (according to the results in the article). The building code ensures that the condominium meets at least the minimal standards; however in some of the cases in the article, the condominiums did not even follow according to the building code either. Some people who have complained about their homes have been sued, while others have stopped in fear of decreasing their condominiums’ resale values, or of being sued as well.

Toronto is the number one developer of condominiums; the city that’s building the most condominiums in the world. Despite this fact, several condominiums in Toronto have failed to suffice to proper living conditions. What I’m guessing are the main problems for the faulty condominiums in Toronto because of the labour and materials used to complete the project. With proper, experienced labour, the quality of the condominiums may have been improved greatly in that there will not be cracked foundations, leaky walls or creaky floors. With better materials being used, the condominiums may have been able to last much longer and increase the quality of life in them as well (better insulation and noise control). In addition, with higher-quality resources, the materials used in making the condominiums will last longer,  and appliances like light bulbs will be replaced with more efficient alternatives; hence also benefiting the environment.

I understand that money plays a big role in life; however people should not swindle other people’s quality of life in order to become richer.