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          The site “WordPress” is mainly used for blogging. Blogging is sharing ideas to other people through the internet, and can be done to inform others about different things or for no reason whatsoever. Before blogging there was threading, which was somewhat like blogs except it was more formal in that it did not include as much personal information or opinions as blogs.

          The reason why I’m blogging is because I think that it’s fun. It’s a way for me to share my ideas to everyone around the world and get feedback, comments or opinions from them, like a diary that everyone can see. What I like about blogging is that it doesn’t need to be too formal (so that it’s more entertaining for the viewer to read and the write to write) and it is not too colloquial (so that people will know whether or not the writer is being serious).

        All in all, this is just a short post about what I think blogging is about. It’s fun.