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Ontario Skills Passport

In order to get ready for the working life, one must possess (or gain) different skills¬†related to the job(s) that they want to get, otherwise, it will be very difficult to become successful with one’s life.

Some essential skills for working include:

Reading Text, writing, document use, computer use and oral communication is important to be able to understand other people’s demands and opinions. It is mainly used for communication with other people.

Money math, scheduling/budgeting and accounting, measuring and calculation, data analysis and numerical estimation is important for jobs that incorporate different kinds of math, like jobs involving money, measurements, calculations and more…

Job task planning is a very essential skill that is needed to plan schedules and balance tasks in an orderly way.

Is is very important to possess the skills that are needed in the specific jobs that you want to go into; however you have to earn these skills through hard work; nobody is born with everything already implanted into their minds (well not yet, that is). You should always aim for the stars, and if you miss, then you’ll still land on the moon – You should always work hard to develop your skills to guarantee a successful future, even if it’s not the future that you imagined.