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Technical Specifications

          In order to have a proper, LEGAL condominium design (or any other house design) there are certain technical specifications that are required. For instance, the area between the bathtub rim and any other fixture must be at least 24 inches (I may have said this before in a previous blog). Also, the area between a sink/vanity and any other fixture must be at least 21 inches. A hanging light in a bathroom cannot be in range of 36 inches horizontally to the bathtub rim and 96 inches vertically from the bathtub rim. There must be a form of ventilation in the bathroom (obviously) to suck away the stink or steam from water closets (toilets) and baths. In addition, there must be heating in the bathroom (and any other living rooms) to regulate a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.

          In addition to these legal specifications, there are also many other construction benefits that can/should be taken when designing condos. The doors need to open inwards to rooms instead of outwards. As a result, it’ll be easier for people to enter buildings because they only have to push the door inwards, compared to taking the time to walk backwards, pulling the door out and then entering in again (the optimal construction methods are the laziest construction methods).

Refer to this website for more technical specifications on houses and more!:


Final Condo Designs

          After completing all the thumbnail designs and the rough designs, now I must complete the Final Design. There are many different programs that can be used to create the Final Designs, like Autocad, Google Sketchup or by drawing it. Autocad is a very precise, VERY DIFFICULT, program that professional architects and designers use when working on buildings. I know only very little of how to use Autocad (probably less than the basics), and if I were to create my drawing with Autocad, then it would probably take many hours to do, as there are SO MANY steps and things to remember for how to draw 2-D drawings (Autocad is capable of 3-D drawings as well, although I know nothing of how to do that). Google Sketchup is far more user-friendly, and it is able to produce 2-D or 3-D drawings in less than a thousand steps! Also, Google Sketchup is FREE. I chose to draw my final design by hand, not for any specific, advantageous reasons, but because I enjoy drawing things by hand than on the computer. Drawing the image will take far longer than in Google Sketchup, and it also won’t be 100% precise as Autocad; however drawing the Final Design (in my opinion) allows more flexible designs; I guess it’s like a computer generated picture compared to painting something by hand.

Condominium Specs.

          After finishing my 3 condominium thumbnail designs, I have chosen one to do for a rough drawing. I’ve already finished my rough drawing, with all the specific wall thickness (approximately half a foot) and room sizes. All I need to do now is to choose specific things (by specific I mean the kitchen cabinets that you can find at Home Depot) to place into the condominium. Because the budget to the condominium is unlimited, and the ceiling size can also be any number I choose, I will probably add a gigantic chandelier above the living room and add, I don’t know… golden floor tiles? I’m not that creative with interior designs, so I’m viewing the different luxury designs I see through the internet. There are Swarovski crystal studded toilets ($75, 000), Swarovski crystal studded fridges ($20, 000) and even an outdoor kitchen barbecue (for the balcony)! 

          So far, the entire condominium is rectangular in shape and all the rooms are also rectangular. I did this because condominiums usually try to fit as many different rooms as possible; therefore having rectangles will most probably fit best. The sizes of the bathroom and master room and the room for the HVAC and storage are all ridiculously large, which I really like. However, they only bad thing about this is that it greatly limits the size of the kitchen and living room. As a result, I had to fuse my kitchen and living room in a small compact space. But then condominiums are  quite small overall themselves, so I’d assume that not many people would host large parties in their condominium. So I guess the condominium I created is more for the owners of the condominium than their friends or visitors; it’s a Hermit’s Condominium.

Designing Condominiums

          The airplane project that I recently had didn’t go as well as I hoped it would. But now, I have a newer project at hand; to build a miniature condominium.

          Like all condominiums, I must include a kitchen, one bathroom, one (or more) rooms, a living room and one of those rooms in which one puts their water heating tank in along with doing their laundry. In addition, the condominium must take up a maximum space of 800 square feet. Oh yeah, and if I were to add a balcony to the condominium, then the area would not count as a part of the 800 square feet limit that I am given. One more thing; the budget for the condominium is unlimited. Right now, I’m still doing the 3 thumbnail floor plans. The plans are just roughly drawn to give me an idea to what kind of condominium  I want to build; however they all must follow the regulations for all condominiums, like the minimum amount of space there must be between the bathtub and any other part of the building that takes up space, and that one cannot hold a swimming pool in or out of the condominium. 

          With an unlimited budget, I can install anything (legal) I want into the condominium! I could add trap doors and speakers all around the house and a Bidet toilet (a type of super cool toilet that does not require the user to use toilet paper after they have completed their… business… as the toilet is capable of shooting water from underneath to clean one’s behind)! Although this house would be a house that I would very much admire, designers must keep in mind that the condominium is for the generic human being; therefore they must make it optimal for whoever lives there.